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Confined & General Excavation

The Dingo is only 1 metre wide, it is adept at working in confined areas or within areas with restricted access. The precision with which the Dingo can remove and place dirt or soil means that no particular job is too small...or indeed too big.


The Dingo is capable of digging a range of trenches up to 300mm wide and 900mm deep. This makes it entirely suitable for working in conjunction with power, telecom, water and sewer contractors. The speed and efficiency with which the Dingo can dig makes it particularly cost effective when undertaking such work.

Concrete Breaking

Whether it’s footpaths, driveways or rocks you need to break up, or walls you need to demolish, the Dingo toolkit contains a powerful attachment which will do the job in no time.

Rotary Hoeing

If you need to prepare ground in readiness for sowing grass areas or planting beds, the Dingo is the ideal tool for the job. One of many landscaping tools, the Dingo’s rotary hoe will break up, fragment, aerate and rid your soil of rocks, roots and builders’ “leftovers”, leaving your soil in ideal condition to sow or plant, or to add top soil.

Hole Boring

Fence and gate posts, soak holes and tree planting all require drilling holes. Big holes and deep holes - holes that you really don’t want to dig manually. This is where the Dingo comes in. With its range of auger attachments from 100mm to 750mm the Dingo will make light work of drilling for your next landscaping/building project.

Stump Grinding

The Dingo’s stump grinder attachment breaks down felled tree stumps leaving a perfectly flat surface with no trace of the original tree ready for re-sowing of grass etc.

Ground Levelling

The Dingo has a levelling and grading attachment enabling it to prepare surface areas.

Farm Services

The Dingo can cleanout under woolsheds, clean up sheep yards and calf sheds.


Landscaping is a wide description for most of the areas already covered but other examples are preparing sites for driveways, cobbling, concreting plus retaining walls and lawns.

Soak holes

Dingo Digs Ltd can bore the holes to a depth of 5 meters, provide the liners and lids and tidying the disturbed ground.

Industrial Services

Kiln cleanout and site clean-up

The truck

Dingo Digs offers landscape clearance and dirt removal services. We can remove green waste to your local landfill or conversely pick up and truck in landscaping materials such as top soil, aggregate, bark, gravel, stones, rocks and boulders.

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